Global Multi-currency Transactions For 100+ Jurisdictions

The PaySaxas Smart Payments System provides 24/7 SWIFT, IBAN and Crypto settlements, optimised for global trade.

PaySaxas Solutions

The PaySaxas Smart Payment System


Ultra-fast, cross border SWIFT, IBAN and crypto payments for international business.

Multi-Currency Accounts

Trade globally, settle locally. Pay in major national and digital currencies.

Crypto Auto-Convert

Convert to and from crypto instantly for any global payment needs.

Fair FX Conversion

Fair interbank-based rates, when you need them.

Convenient KYC & KYB

Remote and simple onboarding.

Full Payments Control

Manage your payments. Optional payment cancellation within 10 minutes.

Licensed & Regulated

We are licensed and regulated in the EU and Canada and are fully cooperative with global FATF regulations and standards. PaySaxas is registered as a Money Services Business (Canada, PaySaxas Financial Solutions Corporation, Registration number M23680092) and as a Cryptocurrency Broker (Lithuania, UAB PaySaxas, Registration number 305956247).

You Are Protected

Security is our top priority. Our robust infrastructure is built on industry grade platforms, managed by a world class IT team.

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How do I open an account?

To open an account, please go to registration page. One of our multilingual Relationship Managers will reach out to assist within 24 hours.

What are the fees?

Please reach out to fees page to get a fee schedule.

How fast do you onboard?

We aim to onboard customers within 3-7 days. In some cases, times may vary.

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