Life-changing financial inclusion

The world doesn’t stand still, but constantly moves forward. Many areas of activity that affect development are being moved increasingly into online form. The same goes for the financial sphere. The digital revolution is here, and PaySaxas is at the center of it, facilitating the transformation of businesses from offline to online, from local to global.


What drives us

Our mission
April 2023

PaySaxas is a fintech modern company for the borderless economy. We think that offering outstanding financial services involves more than just using cutting-edge technologies. We find our mission in closing the digital gap between people and technology by creating the most useful payment systems available and providing specialized customer service that is tailored to each client’s particular requirements. 

Our fintech company provides businesses in emerging markets with the financial services and products they need to thrive. They include multi-currency business accounts, worldwide payments, and currency exchange. We value innovative technology, user experience, and service. 

Our vision
April 2023

PaySaxas delivers innovative payment solutions to businesses all around the world, from huge multinational merchants to tiny family enterprises. As a leading payment platform in emerging economies, we have a unique understanding of the fintech needs of both businesses and consumers in some of the world’s most fascinating places.

Our professionals are always in touch, ready to help all those who need it around the clock. But the most important thing is that today, PaySaxas takes pride in serving dozens of companies, with owners spanning across 10+ countries.

Our story
April 2023

Since our inception in 2020, the founders have built a financial infrastructure to support operations that transcend borders. Our approach consists of saving costs and resources when dealing with payment operations, so we can invest our efforts in discussing with clients and understanding their business. 

Our board is made up of highly experienced finance professionals and technology pioneers, combining deep industry knowledge with innovation leadership. The support specialists team is a group of business-orientated customer service professionals who previously worked at banks, management consultancies, and fintech. They listen first, recommend, and then deliver.

Oleksii Voronkevych
Member of the Board, Co-Founder
Alex Sulenko
Dmytro Shum
Head of IT, Co-Founder
Natalia Shevchenko
Chief Financial Officer
Slava Serbin
Head of Marketing
Leonids Deinega
Relationship Manager
Contact information
422 Richard st., Suite 170, Vancouver BC, V6B 2Z4, Canada
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