Appreciate Your Work and Your Clients: Why We Charge an Onboarding Fee

As a business owner, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of all the fees and their impact on your bottom line from the beginning. At PaySaxas, we always prioritize openness and transparency. Like any business, we must make a profit to continue attracting top talent and afford valuable tools to deliver a quality customer experience. A company that is not fiscally solid will be unable to provide its promised services.

As a result, we’ve established an onboarding fee, an account opening fee and the possibility to collaborate with us. Effective onboarding requires the expertise and time of top AML specialists to comprehend clients’ needs and motivations. Our prices are commensurate with our level of approach to work, reputation and customer feedback.You can find detailed information on our fees at or reach out to us via email. Please keep in mind that an account opening fee varies from company to company and covers all the expenses incurred while onboarding a client. Some of these expenses include KYC verification, document verification, infrastructure cost, etc. Experience timely and reliable money transfer services with PaySaxas, your trusted partner for quality help.

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