PaySaxas at Money2020: Innovation, Connection, and a Look into the Future of FinTech

Since the general landscape of the financial world is constantly changing, we appreciate huge annual events like the Money2020, as they provide valuable insights into the current scheme of things, as well as offer a glimpse into various innovative techniques. They also supply a unique opportunity to build valuable connections, which we always appreciate. The one that was held at the high-level RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre this year was appropriately accompanied by the sunny cloudless sky. All the PaySaxas representatives felt an upbeat and lively vibe throughout the whole event, so we were looking forward to having an enriching experience and extending our professional knowledge and skills.

Positive learning experience

We were very happy to be there and participate in this historic event. All of us spent the time productively interacting with the biggest leaders of the whole FinTech industry, bright professionals, and emerging startup representatives, as we all gathered there to shape the future. Throughout the occasion, we have had over 30 meetings which we actively participated in. We covered a wide range of specific topics, some partially touched on financial strategies, tools, and current trends.

We appreciated the chance to engage and learn from multiple SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and digital financial service vendors. A lot of them have many years of quality experience in providing Anti-Money Laundering (AML) features to their customers. Their representatives kindly delivered deep insights into the newest instruments that helped minimize payment processing risks. For example, Sanction Screening and Transaction Monitoring Tools help protect the integrity of transactions themselves. 

We also had the chance to look into a whole list of software-type services, which aim to ease consumer identification on financial platforms. Every day we witness many enterprises expand, so these top-tech-savvy solutions are of much help! For instance, they simplify tracking processes or various customer activities throughout different countries. This helps in building and solidifying the client’s trust in the company.

One of the most memorable encounters for our team was a Fireblocks meeting. We appreciated a dive into a more narrow field of the crypto world from the representatives of this leading company because we understand the importance of digital currencies. They have become a part of our financial system a while ago, and they aren’t going anywhere! That conversation wasn’t simply interesting in itself – it helped us understand the rapid progress of this FinTech area. 

Level of organization

Since the worldwide scene of the financial realm is constantly changing, attending and participating in these events is crucial. Money2020 created a professional space to share ideas, showcase the newest technologies, and create potential partnerships. The entire conference was surrounding the topic of reshaping various financial services. Our main general goals were:

  1. Keep up with the newest technologies.
  2. Increase payment speed.
  3. Improve customer experience.
  4. Intensify the security measures.

We have discussed all of them in great detail, finding Fireblocks’ use of AI and blockchain especially valuable for the prospective part of our project.

We did have some minor internet glitches, but they didn’t influence us that much, since the organizers planned everything well. They have been thoughtful enough to come up with a special application to help navigate through the entire event, schedule meetings, network, and do many other highly beneficial things. At times the app slowed down a little due to the large number of conference participants, but it generally was extremely useful to our team, especially in the logistics aspect of it. 

Networking worked out perfectly in both formal and informal ways. We also got use of the unforgettable auto party – courtesy of a personalized invitation from a service that enriches transactions with additional information, which was highly appreciated by our team.

Conclusions and takeaways

So, to sum up, we gained tons of knowledge and skills, new valuable connections, and a renewed understanding of some parts of the industry. Currently, we are working on setting our strategies for further development according to the new insights we got. All of us are looking forward to the next conference and are eager to practice what we’ve learnt here, at PaySaxas.

Let us know if you are interested in us potentially shedding some light on the strategies and the insights we gained in the next blog posts. As the FinTech landscape continues to evolve, we remain committed to staying at the forefront! So stay tuned for more!

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